The Rock

The text makes it pretty clear – each and every one of us will have a personal encounter with Christ at some point. The type of encounter will differ based on the choice we make about Him, but either way – that encounter will be eternally life-changing!

The text I’m referring to is Matthew 21:44. In it, Jesus was speaking of Himself as the Chief Cornerstone which some of the people had rejected. Of the Stone we read, “Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.”

Those of us who come to Christ and fall upon Him as the Rock of our Salvation will have our lives completely undone and put back together again as His Spirit remakes us from the inside out. There is no doubt that as we come to Him in surrender, we are expected to place our lives in His hands and allow Him to rearrange whatever He needs to. Our life is no longer our own – in a sense it is broken to pieces. Yet, in the great economy of God, as we lose our lives for Him, we find true life (Matt 10:39).

Alternately, those who fail to fall upon the Rock and receive His salvation will one day be crushed under the judgment of that same Rock. We either fall upon His mercy or fall under His judgment – the choice is ours.

Oh how much better to be broken now than to be crushed later. –Dave

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