Mountain Goats

The story is told of two mountain goats that were heading in opposite directions along the same, narrow mountain passageway. The path was wide enough only for one goat to pass at a time. On one side, the mountain rose steeply like a wall; on the other side was a cliff that plunged straight down. Along such a path the two goats met and faced off.

How goats handle this awkward and dangerous situation is something from which you and I can learn. For, instead of butting heads, stubbornly holding their ground, and insisting on their right of way, these simple creatures have figured out a better solution.

In that moment of face-to-face conflict, one goat will lie down on the path and allow the other to literally walk over their back. At that point, both can safely proceed along their way and reach their destination.

Friends, the application here is pretty obvious. Sometimes along this path of life we come to impasses with others where we cannot avoid a face-to-face conflict. At times, the options around the conflict are few (if any), and to proudly stand and stubbornly demand our rights may result in people getting hurt. At times like these, the only solution is for one party to humbly bow before the other, laying their rights aside for the good of all involved.

I’m not advocating becoming a doormat for others to constantly walk upon, but sometimes humble submission is the most loving, Christ-like response there is. –Dave

“Love does not insist on its own way…” (1 Cor 13:5)

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