Miss Me?

A couple of years ago, my daughter’s friends tried to teach me “The Cup Song.” It’s a catchy tune that people sing while tapping out a very specific rhythm on plastic cups. It was an internet craze for a time and I enjoyed trying to learn it. I was able to master the tapping part on its own, and the lyrics on their own, but I could never put them together!

The lyrics contain these simple words, “When I’m gone, when I’m gone. You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.” I was reminded of those words recently when I read the sad, but true account of an elderly Swiss woman who sat for two months on her balcony before anyone discovered that she was dead. Gone – and apparently, nobody missed her. Tragic.

How is it possible, in a day and age where there are virtually limitless ways to stay connected, that someone’s absence could go completely unnoticed for two months? The truth is – I fear it’s all too easy. We seem so very good at connecting electronically with people around the globe, but unable to reach out to a neighbor next door or across the street. There is something within us that wants to keep others at a distance. After all, when kept at arm’s length, the blood and dirt that come from the pain of others can’t harm us. Electronic communication is tidy; bandaging the bleeding wounds of others is messy.

However, when I look at the life of Christ, I see One who was always willing to welcome others to come to Him. The lame, the sick, the outcast, the dying – they all felt worthy in His presence. If we’re to be like Him, we’ll invest ourselves in the lives of others so that we will truly miss them when they’re gone – and, they’ll miss us as well. Not two months later, but immediately! –Dave

“Having so fond an affection for you, we were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us.” (1 Thes 2:8)

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About The Teachable Heart

A Teachable Heart, as described in Mark 4:20, is 'good soil' that hears and understands God's Word, accepts it as His revealed truth, and applies it to produce fruit. Learn more about the ministry at: www.TheTeachableHeart.com
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