I’m a Sophomore

Not wanting my daughter to be the only collegiate in the family, I’ve decided to take a class in Biblical Greek. My hope is to learn enough about the original language of the New Testament that I might become a better Bible teacher. I will not (cannot) become an expert in the language following a single class.

As a reminder of that fact, the author* of one of the textbooks I’m using included the following in his introduction: “Alexander Pope once said, ‘A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing,’ but I say that it is a little bit of arrogance that is dangerous.’” How true. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding to our knowledge base; however, if we don’t realize how little we actually know, we can greatly misuse the basics that we have.

I found it rather ironic that one of the first words we were taught was that from which we get our English word, “sophomore.” It is derived from “sophos” which means “wise,” and “moros” which means “moron.” A sophomore is literally a “wise moron” – I love it! Originally, it described a student who knew little, but regarded themselves as very smart (because of some prior learning).

Friends, I hope we always remember that in most areas of life, we will never rise above the level of “sophomore” in our knowledge and understanding. May that reality always keep us humble. There’s nothing wrong with being an Underclassman after all. –Dave

“Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.” (James 4:10)

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* William D. Mounce in Greek for the Rest of Us

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A Teachable Heart, as described in Mark 4:20, is 'good soil' that hears and understands God's Word, accepts it as His revealed truth, and applies it to produce fruit. Learn more about the ministry at: www.TheTeachableHeart.com
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