About once a week, I drive to a nearby lake and just watch the sun come up over the water. It’s always a nice treat for me and I enjoy it each time. However, on my last visit I noticed how nearly-perfectly the water reflected the sky about it. The clouds and multiple hues of colors in the sky above were beautifully mirrored on the water’s surface below.

As I stood on the dock enjoying the sight, I recognized that the reflection wasn’t nearly always this clear and I soon realized why. Many days, the surface of the water is choppy – blown by the wind – far from still and peaceful. At those times, the water’s ability to reflect what is above it is greatly diminished.

Driving home I realized that the same is true of us. Only when we are still, having an inner peace that radiates outward, are we able to reflect the beauty of our God above. How much more precious the reflection is when we maintain our peace during the storms of life that rage around us.

I’m not advocating a fake smile when we’re dying inside; for fake is never a true reflection of God. I’m suggesting a genuine peace that can be ours as we rely on Him fully – even during the hardest of times and darkest of nights.

Be still. Trust Him. And reflect His beauty to others. –Dave

“My soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.” (Psalm 62:5)

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