Listening to Yoda

I’m convinced that Yoda (from Star Wars fame) speaks in Greek! Don’t believe me? Listen to how the infamous John 3:16 reads in Greek and see if you can’t hear Yoda saying it!

“Thusly for loved the God the world, so that the Son the only born He gave, that all the one trusting into Him not might be destroyed but might have life eternal.” (No, I’m not kidding)!

Obviously, word order is not the same between the two languages! However, with a lot of patience and practice, you can begin to hear what the original author is saying – but, it takes time to sort it all out. And that’s exactly my point.

Many times, our words seem to come out in Yoda-Greek fashion – kind of all jumbled up and nonsensical. At times like that, we need a patient, loving friend who will sort through the mess, weed out the junk, and retain the nuggets. Someone who will not stop listening and asking questions until both parties are sure that clear understanding has occurred.

How patient of a listener are you? Do you listen with the intent of fully understanding? What a God-send you could be as you help a Yoda in your life sort through a significant issue in their life. Willing to try you are? 😉 –Dave

“He (Jesus) began saying to them, “Listen to Me, all of you, and understand…” (Mark 7:14)

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