My Stay

“They confronted me in the day of my calamity, but the Lord was my stay.” (Psalm 18:18)

To better understand the beauty of David’s words above, it helps to realize when and where he wrote them. David was in extreme fear for his life as he fled from an insanely jealous and murderous King Saul. He felt surrounded and near the end, but David knew that God was his “stay.”

In ancient days, a stay was a type of staff used for support as travelers on foot made their way along uneven terrain. It was something they could lean on for rest or support. In other verses, the same Hebrew word is translated as “supply.” Either rendering beautifully fits our verse above – for in David’s hour of need, God was the One that David could rest in and lean upon. God was also David’s sole provider.

In the verse that follows, we see the motivation behind God’s rescue of David. Simply put, God chose to rescue David because He delighted in him. The Lord does the same thing today because God desires to be with His created ones.

On whom or what are you leaning in your hour of need? Determine today to make God your support and your supply; He delights to provide for you. –Dave

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