“Why do they ______?”  How many different ways are there to fill in that blank?  It’s funny to me how we can get hung up on the ‘minors.’  Recently, I went to put something in the toaster and saw the timer was set on “1” and my immediate thought was, “Who puts the toaster on only 1?  That’s not toast – that’s barely warm bread!”  Silly thing isn’t it?  One of my daughters prefers her bread very lightly toasted and that should be perfectly ok (and it is).

But, how often do we take minor little things and label people’s opinions or preferences as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ based solely on whether or not they agree with our own?  Think of the disagreements we often have in our homes and churches due to differing preferences alone – toothpaste squeezed from the bottom or the middle; thermostat set at 68 or 70; carpet or hardwood; contemporary or traditional music; casual or dress attire for services?  It’s all bread lightly or darkly toasted my friends.

The Pharisees were masters of getting their focus on the wrong things.  Jesus and His disciples were healing people by the dozens, and all the Pharisees could see were unwashed hands and violations of the Sabbath.  Nitpicking the little things and ignoring the fact that people were being healed – lives were being changed.  We would all do well to focus our hearts and attention on what Jesus called the weightier, more important things – justice, mercy, and faithfulness (Matt 23:23).  Now – who wants their bread lightly toasted?  Dave

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