Awesomely Gorgeous!

Most of us would agree that we live in a culture that emphasizes being “attractive.”  We want to date/marry someone attractive, wear attractive clothes, drive an attractive car, and live in an attractive house.  And of course, we want to be attractive ourselves.

Being “attractive” is a really wonderful asset – especially if we attract others to our Creator and not ourselves.  In his letter to Titus, Paul wrote, “…in every way…make the teaching about God our Savior attractive.“ (2:10). In other words, live in such a way that everything about you attracts others to Christ.

But at whom was this command directed?  Church leaders? No.  To the distinguished men and women?  Nope.  It was aimed at the bond-servants; those who held no social standing.  Yet, Paul was telling them, and reminding us, that no matter what platform we may (or may not) have, we can still draw others to the Lord.  Each and every one of us possesses the potential!

What does it mean to make the teaching of Christ “attractive?”  It could mean different things to different people at different times, but the original word meant, “compellingly appealing, very inviting, or awesomely gorgeous.”  I love that last description – awesomely gorgeous!

I can’t describe how that plays out for each individual, but for me, it’s trying to live out that balance between God’s perfect holiness and His perfect love.  It’s a lifetime of striving for purity and righteousness, while extending His mercy and grace to others.

So Christian – are you living in such a way that your faith is “awesomely gorgeous” to those around you?  –Dave

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