“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” (Jeremiah 31:25)

While these were words directed to Israel, I believe they reflect the heart of God toward His people.  And recently, I was able to experience them firsthand myself.

Recently, while on a mini-vacation, we went to a wonderful, family-oriented theme park.  We’ve been there several times and it’s become a family favorite.  However, on this particular day, expectations were high, and patience was low.  Unfortunately, this combination led to a difficult outing, so, after only a couple of hours, we decided to leave.

Once back in the condo, tensions remained high and I was just spent.  Weary (physically and emotionally), would have described us well.  To be honest, I kind of feared the rest of the night/trip might be ruined.  But, in His graciousness, God did just what the verse above suggested He does for His people.  After a quiet dinner, I turned on a baseball game, muted the sound, choosing to listen to my favorite pianist instead.  Following the game, I picked up my Bible and read more about our loving, gracious Heavenly Father.  Throughout the night, a sense of renewal washed over me.

Had the details of the day changed?  Not at all.  Did the hard moments magically disappear?  No.  But, this weary, faint soul found refreshment that came from the goodness of God.  He will do the same for you my weary friend. –Dave

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