The Transaction

John 19_27_Love responsibility

I had been rehearsing to play the role of the disciple John in a church Easter program.  I’d never participated in a drama event before, so I really had to concentrate on my songs and cues, etc. So much so, that some other details completely passed me by.  At the last rehearsal, however, one important detail hit me right between the eyes.

During the scene when Jesus was hanging on the cross, Mary – His mother, and John – His beloved friend and disciple (me), were kneeling together at His feet.  In that instant, the actor playing Jesus caught my eyes and nodded almost imperceptibly to His mother, and then from her to me.  With that simple transaction, John became responsible for the care and protection of his God’s earthly mother.

As I knelt there, I wondered, “Would Jesus have been able to entrust His mother to my care? Would she have welcomed it? Have I handled the smaller things in life faithfully enough that He’d entrust me with true riches?”  The questions haunted me throughout the night and the following morning.  From all the disciples He could have chosen – why John?  Jesus’ earthly brothers remained and could have cared for Mary, but He chose John – why?  We may never know for certain.  But, Jesus knew John’s heart and must have recognized unwavering loyalty and commitment within it.  Perhaps most importantly, John shared the same love for people that Jesus did.

Would Jesus have chosen me for the same reasons if I had really been there? Could He have? Could He have chosen you? –Dave

“Then He said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” From that hour, the disciple took her into his own household.” (John 19:27)

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