Tottering Fences

Psalm 62_3 and 6_Tottering Fence Rock

After facing many challenges and defeats, we see a man that didn’t view himself as a mighty king, but as one who had been shaken deeply by the events of life.  Speaking to his enemies, David writes…

“How long will you assault me? Would all of you throw me down — this leaning wall, this tottering fence?” (Psalm 62:3)

We’ve all seen them – walls that look like they’re about to cave in; fences that won’t stand much longer.  They’re weak, tattered, and about to collapse.  Hard to imagine our Goliath-killer that way isn’t it?  Yet, that’s the image David wanted us to have.

But, Psalm 62 isn’t a song about David as much as it is a declaration about God.  As a work of poetry, it is known to have a “chiastic” structure; meaning it uses a unique pattern of repetition for clarification and/or emphasis.  What is it about God that David wanted to emphasize or clarify?  I believe it’s this – that no matter what condition we’re in – bold, confident, succeeding; or bent, broken, and about to collapse – God is there for us.

Throughout the Psalm, David emphasizes that God alone is worthy of our trust.  The tottering fence declared that God was his rock, fortress, and salvation (2-3).  The leaning wall said that God was where he found rest, honor, and hope (5-7).   Lastly, the one who was shaken to the core encouraged his readers to, “Trust in Him at all times… pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.” (v.8)

Perhaps today you feel like you might collapse under the weight of the world.  If so, know that you can pour your heart out to God; for our rock and our refuge is near! –Dave

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