Precious Treasure

Psalm 119_72_Word Gold

Chuck Swindoll tells the story of a friend working for an international Bible society who had the rare opportunity to distribute copies of the New Testament in the old Soviet Union.  As word spread about the giveaway, a long line of hopeful recipients gathered.  Soon, all the copies had been handed out, and people were turned away empty-handed.  One such man then begged to be given the empty box from which God’s Word had been taken.

“But there’s nothing in there!” Swindoll’s friend said. “The Bibles are all gone!”  With tears glistening in his eyes, the man replied, “Then I at least want the box.” The Bible was so precious to this man that he treasured the cardboard box that had held the Scriptures.

As I read that story, it reminded me of another man who had also come to treasure the Word of God.  His name was William McPherson.  McPherson lost his hands and eyes in a dynamite explosion and was instantly plunged into a world of darkness.  In the aftermath, McPherson wanted to find comfort in the Bible.  But, with his artificial hands he could not read Braille.  He tried touching the Braille with his lips, but he had lost too much sensitivity in them to do so.  Finally, he discovered that he could distinguish between the dots with his tongue!  It reportedly took him many hours to learn to read just one letter, and his tongue would become sore and bleed; yet, he kept at his task.  Over the course of the next 65 years, he read the entire Bible with his tongue four times!!

Oh how much we take for granted.  May we develop such a love for God’s holy Word that it becomes a treasure we pursue with equal determination. –Dave

“The law from Your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.” (Psalm 119:72)

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