The Waiting Room

Isaiah 48_10_Waiting Room Testing

From 2000…

It was the morning of our daughter’s MRI.  Let me tell you, watching your firstborn be “put out” by general anesthesia is an emotionally-charged event; one that doesn’t end until they fully “emerge” in the recovery room.  In between, however, is “the wait.”

There really is no place on earth like the waiting room at a Children’s hospital.  I guess we’ve been very fortunate to have not spent more time there in the last 8+ years.  Yet, on that recent visit, after saying an emotional “see you soon” to our kiddo, we were forced to leave our child in the hands of virtual strangers, and make the lonely trek back to the “waiting room.”  It didn’t take long for me to realize that this room could accurately be called any of the following:  the alone with your thoughts room, the agony room, the pour your heart out to God room, the begging for your child room, the let’s make a deal with God room, the why oh why room, and the test your faith room.

Personally, I had done MOST of my praying, begging, and dealing with God during the days and hours leading up to our visit.  So after briefly updating God on what my desires were, I was just kind of taking it all in that morning.  Beside us sat a young couple with a 9-month old daughter who had been in this very room 3 days a week for the last 5 months.  From this couple we learned the whereabouts of the public phones, the restrooms, the shortest route to the cafeteria and the best parking garage.  I quietly admired their resilience but was thankful I wasn’t that familiar with the layout of the hospital – and hoped to never be.

Although I tried to busy myself, I could never quite get around the fact that a child (my child) was laying motionless on a cold table down the hall.  Such a realization tends to push the “urgent” things out of your mind.  During this period of waiting, and in this room made for waiting, one begins to rethink some priorities.  All of a sudden the troubles at the office melt away, the price of gas at the pump is insignificant, even the major hassle with your spouse is seen in a different light.  The only thoughts that flood your mind surround your love for that precious child.

Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the demands of life?  If so, visit a hospital waiting room – I guarantee it will change your perspective (or your money back)! –Dave

“See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.”  (Isaiah 48:10)

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