Needle and Thread

Psalm 147_3

In God Came Near, author Max Lucado described the scene between Christ and the Samaritan woman at the well with these words, “Silently the Divine Surgeon reached into His kit and pulled out a needle of faith and a thread of hope.  In the shade of Jacob’s well, He stitched her wounded heart back together.  ‘There will come a day…’ He whispered.”

As I considered Lucado’s words, I was reminded of the Psalm that assures us that God still “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).  It’s who He is and what He does.  In the case of the Samaritan women, her heart was broken by a series of failed marriages and a lifetime of godless living.  But as she listened to Christ, and chose to believe that He was who He claimed to be, Jesus took that very new, very small faith and bound up a lifetime of wounds.

When the woman left the well, her new-found faith began to weave a thread of hope in her heart.  Before long, she couldn’t wait to tell others all that she had found when she found Christ.  But it all started when the needle of faith pierced the status quo.  At times we wince at the thought of having our “norm” interrupted, our ruts changed.  After all, change can be painful.  But if we’ll allow our faith to penetrate every part of our being, we’ll experience the healing touch of God throughout.

As you know all too well, this life simply hurts at times.  Hearts get broken; souls get wounded.  There will indeed come a day when that’s no longer true…but until then, find hope as the Divine Surgeon uses the needle of your faith to heal your heart and bind your wounds.  –Dave

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