When God Says “No”

1 Chron 28_3_God says no

As David neared the end of his life, there was one major project he still wanted to complete – building a temple for God.  Scripture tells us that not only did David have a good, pure motive in wanting to build the temple, but he had also drawn up the plans and collected the materials needed to complete the task.

Yet, despite wanting to do the right thing for the right reason, God’s answer to David was, “You may not build a house for my name…” (1 Chronicles 28:3).  Ever find yourself in David’s shoes?  How do you respond when God’s answer is “no?”  How should we respond?  If we’re honest, hearing “no” from God is hard.  Let’s see what we can learn from the way David handled what could have been crushing words from the Lord.

Without ignoring the disappointment, David refused to dwell on the discouragement of what God had refused.  Instead, David immediately began to focus on all God HAD allowed.  Specifically, David choose to remember that he was selected by God to be king, that God took pleasure in him, he had been given many sons, and one of them would be king forever (28:4-7).

There was absolutely a “no” given in David’s life, but there had been a TON of “yes’s” as well.  A large family, a kingdom that wouldn’t end, etc…by comparison, David realized that not being allowed to build a temple didn’t stack up.  Be honest with yourself – do you spend more time focusing on what God hasn’t allowed, or on what He has?

Friends, when life deals us disappointment – and it will; when God’s answer is “no” – as it often is, take time to recall all the times He has said “yes.” –Dave

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