2 Sam 24_16_It is Enough

As I read the account, my mind returned to my own parenting days.  I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every aspect of being, “Dad.”  But, looking back over the nearly 25 years of playing the part, I can say that having to discipline our girls was my least favorite part.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe in discipline, and I know that it’s an outflow of our love and devotion to our children – I just always hated to see my kids hurt, or suffer – even as a result of their own actions.

I believe that is what was described in the pages of 2 Samuel as God watched 70,000 of His chosen people perish as a result of their sinful actions.  As the angel of pestilence reached Jerusalem and was set to destroy the city, “…the Lord relented from the calamity and said to the angel… It is enough; now stay your hand” (2 Sam 24:16).

Some translations say, “the Lord was GRIEVED because of the calamity…”  The word actually means to be sorry, be moved to pity, have compassion upon, or console.  Even though the pain and suffering were a result of their own actions, God felt grief and compassion for them and intervened on their behalf.

Folks, don’t overlook this characteristic of God…yes, He is angered by our sin; yes, He punishes our sins; but He is grieved by our suffering, and He knows exactly when to say “when.”  In His perfect justice and perfect compassion, He will say, “It is enough…” –Dave

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