Mistaken Identity


It was a humbling case of mistaken identity.  According to the story, some business travelers were rushing through the airport trying to catch their flight home.  While running through the concourse, they inadvertently ran into a fruit stand, knocking it over.  While they regretted the accident, none stopped to help.  Arriving at their gate in the nick of time, they all boarded the plane and headed back to their homes – all but one that is.

One man couldn’t shake what had just happened, so he bid his companions farewell, and headed back out into the concourse.  When he approached the fruit stand, he was moved by what he saw.  There on her hands and knees, was a teenage girl fumbling miserably as she rounded up the scattered fruit.  From her motions, it was obvious that the girl was blind, yet, none of the hurried travelers stopped to lend a hand.

As the man kneeled to help, he explained who he was and apologized for knocking the cart over and running off.  While rearranging the fruit in neat pyramids, he noticed that some of it was bruised, and feeling responsible, he took out his wallet and handed the girl $40 for the damage.  He then told her goodbye and turned to leave.  As he walked away, he heard the timid girl’s first words, “Mister – are you Jesus?”

I wonder if I’ll ever have that question asked of me.  Am I living in such a way that others might possibly mistake me for our Lord?  How I long for there to that type of family resemblance. –Dave

As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”  (John 13:34)

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