I’m the youngest of four children.  I literally looked up to my sister and brothers all my life.  They were great siblings…possibly too great??

My sister was smart, beautiful, and talented.  She was Salutatorian of her class, played several musical instruments and sang like an angel.  My oldest brother was gifted musically, a star in football, basketball, track, and golf, an Honor’s student and Homecoming King.  Next in the lineup of royalty was the brother that was also very smart, incredibly adept with the ladies, and, oh yeah, literally Mr. Kansas (bodybuilder)!  And into that litter was born this runt!

For years I struggled to fill the shoes of these incredible people; however, the bar always seemed too high.  They never rubbed my nose in it; I just carried around a gnawing sense of inadequacy.  In a world where the currency is comprised of looks, talent, and possessions, it’s easy for people to wrestle with a sense of worth.

Therefore, what an encouragement the following truth is: “in Him you have been made complete.” (Colossians 2:10, NASB, emphasis added).

I like the NASB here, with its clear declaration that in Christ we HAVE BEEN MADE complete – a word that meant “to fill to individual capacity.”  Notice, too, that it’s a done deal – past tense.  Rather than being in any way deficient, Christians are already complete.

Friends, let that truth sink in for a bit…in Christ, you are as complete today as you will ever need to be.  Despite any messages others may have sent over the years, or messages you may send yourself – if you are in Christ, He has made you complete.  We may yet grow in our knowledge of Him, but right now He already fills us as fully as is possible… You just can’t get any more complete than when God completes you.  –Dave

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