Clean Carpets


It was gross – be glad I didn’t post pictures!

For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve gotten on a ‘clean carpet kick.’  I bought a new vacuum cleaner and a steam shampooer.  My wife and I weren’t sure when the ‘new’ carpet went in – maybe about six years ago.  To the best of our knowledge, we hadn’t shampooed it since.  (Don’t judge us)!  🙂

I live with three ladies who have lovely, long hair.  After cleaning the carpets, I’m surprised they aren’t bald – I briefly thought of making them wear hairnets around the house!  Obviously, I’m joking, but I do have a point.  It was easy to pick the big things up off the floor in preparation to run the vacuum and steamer.  With all the clutter picked up, the carpet actually looked pretty good.  It’s multi-colored and multi-textured, so it hides almost everything.

But, the new vacuum told a different story.  It found so much junk that hadn’t been seen previously.  In fact, when I was done vacuuming, I really didn’t expect there was going to anything left for the steamer to get.  Wrong!  WAY wrong.

As I put the steamer away, I was reminded of how carpet-cleaning is similar to the sanctification process in our lives.  It’s relatively easy to remove the “big sins” from our lives.  But there’s always more that can, and should, be removed if we’re really going to be holy.  The ‘little things’ can get settled so deeply in our lives that we may no longer even be aware of them.  But over time, little things pile up, leaving us with pretty messy carpets.

Give it some thought today.  If you were a carpet, what would a vacuum and steam cleaner find that needs to be removed?  BTW, it’s worth it – clean carpets are AWESOME!  –Dave

Be holy because I am holy. (1 Peter 1:16)

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