When Little is Much

Luke 21_1_4_When little is much

Jesus was in the temple when He saw people placing their gifts into the offering box.  Initially, the rich presented their gifts; then a poor widow put in two small coins (Luke 21:1-4).

Jesus made no comment about the contributions of the rich other than to say their money came from their abundance.  Christ didn’t say they were wrong in what they gave, or in their motives.  My dad often says that without the rich we wouldn’t have many churches, colleges, or hospitals.  So the focus of Jesus’ words on this occasion wasn’t on the rich, or the size of the gifts.

The focus was on the faith of the widow.  The two coins she gave were called lepta, and each lepton was worth about 1/128th of a day’s wage.  So, she gave the equivalent of about 6-10 minutes worth of salary – which was all she had.  But, instead of withholding that tiny bit, she offered it to God.

How could she do it?  Why did it touch Christ’s heart the way it did?  The answer to both questions was her faith.  While the woman had a very small bank account, she had a big faith in a HUGE God.  Christ took special note of her because she was placing her trust in Him, and not in what she possessed.

Rich or poor is not the issue; God’s concern is where we place our faith.  Do we look to Him as our source of real provision, or do we trust more in ourselves?  If we’re honest, the higher the balance in the bank becomes, the greater the temptation is to lean more on it than on Him.  Remember, faith in God is what pleases Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Where’s your faith placed?  In what (or whom) do you trust? –Dave

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