Broken Flowers

2 Cor 1_15_Broken Flowers

The picture was pretty – but the words were beautiful!

Irises were always my grandmother’s favorite flowers, so my eye was immediately drawn to the flower in this picture.  But, when my friend described where this particular flower came from in her post, I knew there was a message here for each of us.

These were the words that accompanied the picture:  “I love bringing the ones that the wind blows over inside. It gives them a second chance and they smell amazing.”

If there’s anything we can count on in this life, it’s that storms will blow us (and others) over.  We’ll get knocked down, uprooted, and perhaps broken beyond what we think can be repaired.  Yet, thankfully, we serve a God who welcomes us inside and gives us second (and third, and fourth) chances.

Not only that, but even in our brokenness, He finds us beautiful.  And believe it or not, sometimes it is only brokenness that allows us to leave behind the fragrance of Christ wherever we go.  In ancient times the petals of fragrant flowers were used to make perfumes – but those petals had to be walked on, or otherwise crushed, to release the fragrance within.

Is life blowing you over?  Are you feeling beaten up and broken down?  Take heart – your Father in Heaven finds you beautiful.  Allow your brokenness to leave behind the pleasant fragrance of our Lord.  Oh, and don’t forget that your friends and family are often broken too – be willing to bring them inside, give them a second chance, and remind them that God’s not finished with them either! –Dave

For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.” (2 Corinthians 2:15)

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