How Far?

Hebrews12_14_How Far

I heard it frequently in high school and college.  Friends who were in serious dating relationships often wrestled with a question that was worded something like this, “How far can I go with my boyfriend/girlfriend before it’s too far?”  Most of my friends believed sex before marriage was wrong, so they didn’t want to go “too far.”  I understood – I was young once upon a time too believe it or not!

Today, similar questions are still being asked. They begin similarly, but can end in any number of ways.  God-fearing people continue to ask things such as:

  • How far over the speed limit can I go before it’s really speeding?
  • How far can I push my language before it becomes profane?
  • How far can I pad my expense report before it’s stealing?
  • How far can I pursue this conversation before it becomes flirtatious?
  • How far down can the neckline be before it’s too revealing?
  • How far up can the skirt come before it’s indecent?
  • How far can I pursue my hobby before I’m ignoring my family?
  • How far can I exaggerate my deductions before it’s tax fraud?
  • How far can the TV programs or movies I watch demean the name and character of God before they’re unacceptable?

I’m sure I just stepped on some toes – and for that I’m sorry – I got myself pretty good too!  But, here’s my point, and I hope you’ll read carefully.  To the teenagers’ question in the opening paragraph, I once heard a youth leader reply, “You’re asking the wrong question.  Instead of asking how far you can go before crossing the line into sin, ask yourself, ‘How far can I go in this area to please God?’”

It’s a far different question isn’t it?  Starting today, think about situations in which you may be struggling and begin asking, “How far can I go to please God in this area?”  –Dave

Make every effort…to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14)

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