The Route

Psalm 25_10_The Route

While it doesn’t rank up there with the circuitous journey the Israelites took getting from Egypt to Canaan, the route my package took to reach my uncle in Texas was certainly interesting!

The small package was to go from the Kansas City area to Dallas; a distance of about 480 miles to the south.  However, when I tracked the shipping status, I was surprised to see that instead of heading south, that package was first sent to Des Moines, Iowa – 220 miles to the NORTH!   By the time it finally arrived, that package had traveled over 900 miles – nearly twice as many as was necessary.

I understand that delivery services have their main routes for distribution, but I was completely surprised that there wasn’t such a hub between Point A and Point B.  Oh well, the package arrived at the correct destination, and surprisingly – it arrived on time.  It just took an unexpected path.

Isn’t that the way life is much of the time?  Maybe due to bad choices, or circumstances beyond our control, the journey is often much, much different than we expected.  We find ourselves on roads we didn’t want to walk; paths filled with pain and suffering.  We seem to be heading north, when everything within us wants to go south!  Often the way is unclear and we may have no idea where we’re headed.

If that describes you right now, remember that God may have you on a course headed toward the destination of His choosing – not your own.  And, He knows exactly which detours and stops along the way are best for you.  Who knows, sometimes the unbeaten path will even give us glimpses of beauty we would otherwise have never seen.

Seek His direction, hold His hand, trust Him – then enjoy the ride!  –Dave

All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his covenant. (Psalm 25:10)

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