2 Chron 13_12_Cannot Succeed

He was literally outnumbered 2:1.

Yet Abijah, the new King of Judah correctly warned his opponent – the King of Israel – to stand down.  Despite having only 400,000 men to do battle with Jeroboam’s 800,000, Abijah knew the outcome because he realized that Jeroboam and all of Israel had walked away from God.

With that knowledge, Judah’s king cried out to Israel’s, “O sons of Israel, do not fight against the Lord, the God of your fathers, for you cannot succeed” (2 Chronicles 13:12, emphasis added).  Unfortunately, Israel didn’t listen that day and 500,000 of their men died in battle.

While this was an actual historical event, there’s a timeless truth which remains today – we cannot fight against the Lord and win.  Believe me; I’ve tried – MANY times!  I’ve gotten into tug-o-wars with God on many occasions over many things.  I’ve tried to resist His prompting, only to give in later.  I’ve forced open doors that He never intended for me to open, only to regret it after the fact.  There have been times when He clearly wanted me to turn right and I went left.  Or when He said to give, and I refused…temporarily.

While we may try, the created cannot fight against the Creator and expect to win.  Yes, God is a gentleman and allows us to exercise our free will, but in the end He is the Victor, and we would be wise to surrender to Him early on versus later.

Do you find yourself in opposition to God over something today?  May I save you some time and sorrow, and encourage you to surrender to Him now?  You and I will never succeed standing in opposition to the Almighty.  Submit your will to His – in the end, THAT is the victory! –Dave

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