Just Great

Luke 9_48_Just Great

Chuck Swindoll once wrote about a student at Dallas Theological Seminary who had been selected by his pastoral-ministry professors to address the graduating class.  The student chose for his text John 13, the washing of the disciples’ feet.   

After delivering a wonderful message about the passage, the speaker looked into the faces of his fellow students and asked them this compelling question… 

“Do you want to have a great ministry…or do you just want to be great?” 

As Swindoll tells it, a great hush fell over the gathering; the place went silent and nobody blinked.  Years later, Swindoll admitted that he’d never forgotten the speaker’s question that day. 

It’s a wonderful question for us today as well.  It doesn’t matter if we’re in full-time vocational ministry or not, the basis for the question applies to all.  Do we want to be great for Christ (in whatever capacity that is), or do we just want to be great (in the eyes of the world)?  Greatness in the eyes of God will result in selfless service to others.  Greatness in the eyes of the world will look to further only self. 

Give it some thought…do you want to be great for God…or do you just want to be great? –Dave 

For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.”  (Luke 9:48) 

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