Under the Rug

Proverb 14_5_Under the Rug

I needed to act fast.  The poor guy was digging a pretty deep hole, and if I didn’t wrestle the shovel out of his hands quickly he was going to bury himself! 

The details aren’t important, and it would take too long to retell the story.  Suffice it to say, the manager of a large service station was trying to cover for one of his staff members.  A mistake had been made, and they didn’t want to admit their error.   

As I listened to him try to explain, I became so uncomfortable for his sake that I politely interrupted him and pulled out the owner’s manual which unequivocally settled the dispute.  Once confronted with the undeniable truth, he apologized and acknowledged the mishap.  Shortly thereafter he returned with a missing part and new directions on how it was to be used. 

As I left, I realized the situation would have been much better for everyone if the manager and I had started where we ended!  I wasn’t going to go ballistic on him for an honest oversight made by a busy employee.  But, he feared I would, so he tried to cover.  As I said, I felt for him.  But, I also realized that I’m frequently tempted to do the same thing – gloss over my mistakes in an effort to look better in the eyes of others.  I’ve been tempted to sweep a lot of things under the rug, hoping nobody will notice the lumps that have accumulated there! 

How much better to deal honestly with one another, take our lumps if necessary, and move forward with a clear conscious.   As you stand before the mirror today ask yourself if there’s anything you’re trying to keep hidden.  Perhaps now is the time to bring it into the light. –Dave  

An honest witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out lies. (Proverb 14:5) 

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