No Regrets

James 4_14_No Regrets

Author and speaker, Matthew Kelly, once had the opportunity to conduct a training program with a group of hospice nurses.  Recognizing he had a unique set of people with him, he asked them this very insightful question – “When people are dying, what do they talk about?”   

The nurses reported that for the most part, what people discussed the most shortly before their deaths was how they wished they had lived their lives differently.  In short, the dying often spoke of their regrets.  Time and space won’t allow me to list them all, but here is a sampling of the things dying people wished they had done differently: 

       Had the courage to just be themselves

       Spent more time with the people they loved

       Spent less time working

       Discovered their purpose earlier

       Loved more

       Worried less

       Spent less time chasing the wrong things

       Touched more lives

       Thought about life’s big questions earlier

       Lived more in the moment

       Pursued more of their dreams

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that the life we’re living right now isn’t dress rehearsal.  THIS is it for our earthly existence – there is no second time around this block!  Any good we hope to do, let us do today.  Any changes we need to make, may we not put off for that far away “someday” that never arrives. 

Read the list again; does anything stand out to you?  Go ahead, make the change, take the chance; who knows, maybe you’ll have one less regret at life’s end. –Dave  

What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. (James 4:14) 

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