The Greatest Challenge

Matthew 6_10_The Greatest Challenge

In his book, Resisting Happiness, Matthew Kelly makes this statement – “These are the four words that embody the Christian challenge:  Thy will be done.”

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I agreed with that conclusion or not.  Actually, I’m still not 100% sure because there are so many challenges associated with following Christ.  However, Kelly wasn’t attempting to summarize our faith with those words only the greatest challenge that comes with it.  As I continued to ponder the statement, I found myself in more and more agreement.

As Christ was teaching His disciples to pray, He boiled it down into some real basics, including:  God is holy.  He is sovereign over everything, and it is His will that should be done here on earth, just as it is done there in heaven.

The real challenge is not in SAYING the words, “Thy will be done;” the battle is in MEANING the words when we say them.  Allowing the will of another to ALWAYS win out over our own will is hard.  In our humanity, those words mean surrender and submission – both of which feel a great deal like losing.  Yet, how can we call Him, “Lord,” if we don’t allow Him to be just that?  The title, “Lord” isn’t one that gives Him authority over just some areas of our lives – but over every area.  As it’s been said, He is either Lord of all – or not Lord at all.

I’d love to hear what you think – do you agree with Kelly’s assessment?  Why or why not?  Also, are there areas in your life that you know you’ve not submitted to His will?  Today may just be the day to correct that! –Dave

Our Father…Your will be done… (Matthew 6:9-10)

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