Drowning Fish

Proverb 4_4_Drowning Fish

Several days later, I’m still smiling.  In his book, gods at war, author Kyle Idelman wrote about his 4 year-old daughter’s first pet.  After much agonizing, the little girl settled on a goldfish which she quickly named Nemo.

In her 4 year-old innocence (and against her dad’s better judgment), the little girl decided to take Nemo to the neighborhood swimming pool so that they could swim together – her in the pool, and Nemo in his small tank on the pool’s edge.  What could go wrong, right?!

Well, Nemo lived up to his name.  While their backs were turned, Nemo belly flopped out of his tank and into the pool.  Try as they might, Idelman and his daughter could not locate Nemo in time.  Sadly, Nemo was only located once he floated to the surface.  Since it was within the pet store’s “3-day, no-questions-asked” return policy, Idelman returned Nemo and told them the truth – the fish had drowned!

It’s a cute story; however, it contains a not-so-cute lesson too.  Nemo was perfectly safe within the confines of his tank.  He had everything there that he needed for life and health.  But the pull of swimming free, casting off restraints, and being without restrictions, lured him away.  Ultimately, Nemo’s desire to swim outside the limits cost him his life.

Idelman concludes Nemo’s story with these words:  “This is how the gods of pleasure work.  What they offer is presented as freedom, but it’s toxic once you make the plunge.  They tell you there’s no way you can be happy within the restraints God has set up.  But the restraints are a design based on loving protection.  The seat belt may cramp your style, and then save your life.”

Thinking about taking a swim outside your tank?  Give it another thought – God’s restraints are for your protection. –Dave

Take hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands, and you will live. (Proverb 4:4)

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