2 Timothy 2_13_Ghosting

“You’re getting ghosted,” was the explanation I received regarding the lack of response I’d experienced from a long-time acquaintance.  When I showed my obvious confusion, I was told that “ghosting” was the process by which one party quietly exits a relationship without conflict or confrontation. 

The general idea is that phone calls aren’t answered, emails and text messages get responded to very slowly, then not at all.  If contact is made, responses are kept very short and excuses are made for why communication has been reduced or eliminated.  It’s an indirect message that the relationship no longer warrants the effort to maintain, nor is it worth addressing any issues that may exist.  In short, it’s strangling a relationship to death with silence.   

The ghosting party likely intends to exit quietly and painlessly, but the reality is that being ignored and/or forgotten is never painless.   

As I considered the ghosting process, I was convicted about the many times I’ve “ghosted” God over the years.  In my relationship with Him there have been times when I didn’t read His messages, or was slow in responding to those messages.  As a result of my silence and neglect, I ended up a long way from Him.  I wonder if He feels the sting of being ignored as much as I do.   

What’s amazing, however, is that despite being frequently ghosted by me, God has never ghosted me in return.  Each time I choose to return to Him, I’ve found Him right there – always ready to take me back.  Always ready to spend more time with me.  In short, He remains faithful – even during the times I’ve been unfaithful to Him. 

Have you been ghosting God?  Not listening to Him.  Not responding to His messages.  Spending less and less time with Him.  If so, cease the ghosting and return to Him.  The Holy Ghost will never ghost you! –Dave  

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot disown Himself.” (2 Timothy 2:13) 

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