On His Behalf?

Job 36_2_On His Behalf

Elihu, son of Barakel, the Buzite…  We know nothing else about him other than he was a young man who addressed Job.  That, and he demanded to be heard.  Why?  Let’s allow Elihu to tell us:

Bear with me a little longer and I will show you that there is more to be said in God’s behalf.  (Job 36:2)

Others should listen because in his mind, Elihu was speaking for God Himself!  If nothing else, the lad had confidence!  Job had suffered tremendous loss, and God remained silent – yet Elihu jumped in to provide “God’s explanation.”  Buzz – wrong answer, Elihu!

However, Elihu is not the last person claiming to be the one “chosen by God” to speak on His behalf.  Like Elihu, they generally claim to have details regarding topics about which God has chosen to remain silent.  For example, take a look at the number of books published by people claiming they’ve been to heaven (and back) and are now equipped to tell us what God chose not to about our eternal home.  Among the thousands of titles are these: Visiting Heaven:  Secrets of the Afterlife. Imagine Heaven.  Proof of Heaven.  My Time in Heaven.  And Life After Heaven:  How My Time in Heaven Can Transform Your Life on Earth.

Similar topics (where men have more to say than did God) include angels, the end of the world,  Christ’s return, etc.  I don’t know what motivates each writer; but, I’m amazed at how well their books sell.  I’m surprised that Christians believe that God would choose to tell the world about angels, or heaven, or the return of His Son through a $4.99 paperback on Amazon, and not through His Word.

I understand – these are mysterious topics, and we want answers.  But, while we may not like it, perhaps God knows it’s best that we not have all the answers yet?  In the meantime, I will attempt to teach you FROM God’s Word, ABOUT God’s Word, and point you TO God’s Word – but I’ll never claim to speak FOR God.  Be wary of anyone who does.  –Dave

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