Going to Bat

Numbers 32_17_Going to Bat for Others

But we will arm ourselves for battle and go ahead of the Israelites until we have brought them to their place. (Numbers 32:17) 

The words above were spoken by the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh after they had settled themselves on the East side of the Jordan.  The temptation for them would have been to lay down their weapons, pick up their plows, and bid their countrymen farewell and good luck!  But they didn’t. 

Instead, they picked up their weapons and actually led their brothers into the battles that waited on the other side of the river.  I appreciate the example this story sets for us.  Because it can be so easy to focus solely on ourselves and our own needs, that we can overlook the needs of others.  It’s so natural to “get ours” and then sit back and enjoy it while those around us continue their own struggle.  This can be true of things as basic as food and shelter, or as significant as eternal salvation.  May we not be satisfied that we got ours, and leave others to wander aimlessly. 

Give it some thought – are you burdened to help others around you?  Or have you allowed yourself to become complacent because you’ve found Christ and have all you need for this world and the next?  Are you willing to go to battle for others as well? –Dave  

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