The “In Between” Days

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John 14_50_In between days

When Jesus was betrayed in the Garden, Scripture tells us “…everyone deserted Him and fled” (Mark 14:50).  After that, we hear only of Peter who straggled along during Christ’s trials, and of John being near the cross as Jesus was crucified.  Beyond that, the disciples’ whereabouts are not described.

Common speculation is that out of confusion and great fear, they went into hiding.  We know on that first Resurrection Sunday, Jesus found them locked away in the Upper Room hiding from the Jews.  Who could really blame them?   They’d seen the man they wanted to be king brutally killed and placed in a borrowed tomb.  I can imagine them huddled together on that “in between day” – the day after His death, but before His resurrection.  How confused and bewildered they must have been.

Things were not going at all the way they had pictured.  Their leader was…

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