Who Defines?

Mark 3_11_22_Who Defines

The 3rd Chapter of Mark contains some of the perspectives that the various people surrounding Christ had of Him.  I’d like to take a quick look at them, and then make a concluding point of application. 

If you read the chapter carefully you’ll see that there were three groups of people who held three very different opinions of Christ.  First, there were those whom Jesus had healed that thought He was awesome!  They proclaimed Him to be the Son of God (v.11). 

Next, there was His own family.  Believe it or not, they thought Jesus was out of His mind…nutsy coo coo! (v. 21).  Lastly, there were the Pharisees.  After witnessing His miraculous healings, the Pharisees didn’t try to deny the miracles had occurred, but instead attributed Jesus’ healing powers to Satan (v. 22). 

So who was Jesus?  Was He crazy like His family claimed?  Demon-possessed as the Pharisees said?  Or was He wonderful, as those who had been healed proclaimed?  Obviously, Jesus was the Son of God – REGARDLESS of the opinions and perspectives of ANYONE.   

And that is my point for us as well.  Despite the feedback of others, if you have accepted Christ as your Savior, you are a child of God – period.  Others do not have the right or the authority to define who you are. 

Author Leslie Verick has wisely stated, “When you give someone the power to define you, you also give them the power to destroy you.”  Friends, don’t give anyone other than God that power.  Let Him alone define who you are – and He’s already weighed in – He died on the cross for you! –Dave  

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