Destinations Known

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My wife and younger daughter just returned from a vacation in Europe; and thanks to some amazing technology, I was able to track their overseas flight on the internet.  At any given time, I could see their exact location over the Atlantic, their altitude, speed, etc.  It was really pretty cool.  And provided they had gotten aboard the correct plane, they were going to reach their desired destination.

In some ways, we can apply the same truths to our spiritual journey.  We all have a choice of where we want to ultimately land.  There are lots of “spiritual planes” that go in many different directions, but only One that lands on the runways of heaven.  The others may promise all kinds of fun and thrills along the way, but eventually they all land in the fires of hell.

As harsh as that may sound in our culture today, the truth is that all travelers have the opportunity to choose Christ.  There is room on His plane for any and all to come aboard – and it’s actually the Father’s will that everyone will choose to do so.  He’s purchased the tickets and He’s calling everyone to simply accept it as a free gift.

About this offer, Paul wrote:  “For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.”(1Thessalonians 5:9)

Clearly, God’s hope is that you and I (and everyone we know), will choose salvation through Christ as our destination.  The other choice is His wrath and judgment – a decision He’s willing to honor, even as it breaks His heart.

The ultimate destination for each flight is clearly known – which flight are you on?  How can you invite others to join you on the One flight leading to heaven? –Dave

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