Taming the Almighty


Job 38 to 41_Taming the Almighty

For the first 37 chapters, He was silent.   

Then, in Job 38, God finally spoke.  And for the next four chapters, God asked Job a series of questions in rapid-fire succession.  By some counts, there were over 70 questions that the Almighty posed to Job. 

The topics ranged from those as large as Creation (e.g., “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand”; 38:4), to the birth of mountain goats (e.g., “Do you know when the mountain goats give birth?”; 39:1).  What the questions had in common was their ability to point out the unmatchable might and wisdom of God. 

After losing everything, Job understandably doubted the plan of God.  He didn’t understand what God was up to, and he was tempted to question God’s goodness. In essence God’s response was this, “You can’t understand me, Job.  You don’t understand the gestational cycle of simple animals, yet you question my justice?  You can’t put me in a box and control me, Job.  You can’t even tame the creatures of the sea (Job 41), yet you attempt to tame Me? 

Because God has made man in His image, given him dominion over His creation, and has saved us through His Son, there’s a chance we can get a little too big for our britches.  We may begin to think that our wisdom is better than His, and that our plans should prevail.  In short, we may try to tame God and put Him in a box.  How silly; but we do.   

Are you questioning the wisdom or goodness of the Almighty?  That’s understandable.  But remember, He cannot be tamed.  God will not live in a box of our making.  What might you need to surrender to Him today? –Dave  

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