Justified Disobedience


1 Samuel 15_15_Justified Disobedience

“You don’t go from being John Boy (Walton) to Charles Manson overnight.” (Prosecuting Attorney in the Robert Courtney case). 

In 1999, Kansas City pharmacist, Robert Courtney, pledged $1 million to his church’s building fund.  That pledge would later become prominent in his court case.  To earn the pledged money, he diluted nearly 100,000 doses of chemotherapy which were given to ~4,200 patients.  I know people who knew patients who died as a result.  Criminal activity done in the name of a sacrifice to God… 

Folks, I doubt very seriously Robert Courtney woke up one morning and said, “I think I’ll start killing people today.”  I’m sure it was like anything else, it started slowly, insidiously; he probably never thought it would go that far or hurt that many people.  Unfortunately, things spiral out of control very quickly once we justify any sin in the name of sacrifice to God. 

The Courtney case came to mind when our class was studying 1 Samuel 15 recently.  In it, God had clearly instructed King Saul to leave no survivors among the evil nation of Amalek.  However, Saul spared Agag, king of Amalek to parade around like a trophy, and the people spared the best of the animals.  Their stated reason for keeping the animals???  To sacrifice them to God.  Disobedience in the name of serving God…it happened in ancient Israel, it happens in modern America. 

Nobody plans to do it.  We don’t go from being John Boy to Charles Manson overnight.  But, are we justifying any small compromises, thinking God is ok with any form of disobedience to Him?  Give it some thought… Dave 

“…the people spared the best of the sheep and oxen, to sacrifice to the Lord…” (1 Samuel 15:15, ESV) 

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