Fifth Time Around

Hebrews 4_12_Fifth Time Around

There was an hour before dinner and it was a beautiful evening, so I took my trusty metal detector back to my favorite location for a short “hunt.”  When I told my wife where I was headed she asked, “Again?  Do you really think you’ll find  anything there?”

It’s true, I had been to the local skate park a few blocks from my house four times in the previous six weeks, and honestly, I doubted if there was anything new there for me to discover.  I was wrong.  During that hour, I located 20 additional “targets” – $1.14 worth of coins.  The amazing thing is 18 of the 20 were old and tarnished.  They had obviously been under ground for some time – I had just missed them each of the four prior trips around the park.

As I put my “treasure” away that evening I was reminded of how reading God’s Word is a lot like my treasure hunting.  No matter how many times we’ve been through it before, there are always new truths to discover.  Always.  Yes, many of those truths may simply be reminders to us.  However, frequently the Holy Spirit will bring to life a nugget of truth that we had somehow missed during each of our prior trips through His Word.

That Word is alive; it’s active.  While it never changes, we do.  We are not the same person we were two years ago.  Our circumstances change, as do our perspectives.  Hopefully, we’ve gained additional wisdom and understanding that help us see truth more clearly, etc.  Point being, there is treasure to be found in His Word regardless of how frequently you’ve searched it!

Do you  ever struggle to pick up your Bible thinking “been there, done that?”  If so, humbly ask God’s Spirit to reveal to you new truths – He will, for there is always more for us to discover and learn! –Dave

For the word of God is alive and active. (Hebrews 4:12)

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