Squawk or Walk?

Exodus 4_27_Squawk or Walk

The call of Moses at the burning bush was to be just that – the call of Moses, ALONE.  Yet Moses complained and argued so much that God acquiesced and allowed Moses to have a partner – his brother, Aaron.

After the bizarre encounter at the camping spot mentioned yesterday, Moses sent his wife and children back to Midian.  He would continue toward Egypt without them, but he wouldn’t be alone.  The very next verse tells us:

The Lord said to Aaron, “Go into the wilderness to meet Moses.” So he went and met him at the mountain of God and kissed him. (Exodus 4:27)

Bear in mind that Aaron was in Egypt, and Moses had no means of contacting him. Aaron only knew of his baby brother’s need for help because God had moved in the heart of Aaron and called him to join Moses in his work.

Friends, there are two points I want us to see.  First, when our work is in the center of God’s will – things flow.  They won’t have to be forced.  That’s doesn’t mean we’ll never have to ask for help, it just means that we’ll likely not be in it alone.  God will move in the hearts and minds of others to join us.  Others will want to come alongside.

Second, notice the differences between the responses God received from the two brothers.  God told Moses to go, and received a laundry list of concerns, complaints and excuses.  God told Aaron to go, and the next sentence begins with, “So he went…”

Which brother are you more like when God calls?  Moses, who squawked about God’s call? Or Aaron, who walked into it?  Are you a squawker or a walker? –Dave

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