Whatever Friends

1 samuel 20_4_whatever friends

Jonathan said to David, “Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do for you.” (1 Samuel 20:4)

It’s an amazing offer from anyone, to anybody, at anytime.  However, Jonathan’s offer to David was made even more unique given the setting.  In a jealous, paranoid rage, Jonathan’s father, Saul, was actively trying to kill David.  Things were so bad, that in the preceding verse, David stated that only a single step separated him from death (v.3).

After having lost his status as a prince in the palace and a commander in the army, David was also forced to leave his beloved wife (Michal), and his spiritual mentor (Samuel).  On the heels of saying goodbye to Samuel, David ran to Jonathan in a desperate search for answers and help.

At that critical moment, in David’s darkest hour of desperate need, Jonathan uttered words that must have been music to David’s ears.  There was no hint of, “Well David, I think you ought to do this or that.”  There was no talk of, “Put on my armor and fight this battle my way!”  Instead, Jonathan gave David time and space to figure out answers to his pressing questions.  In addition to that freedom, Jonathan added a sincere, “I’m here for you, my friend.  WHATEVER you need, I will do.”

I looked up “Whatever” in the Hebrew dictionary and SURPRISE – it means “anything.”  In essence, Jonathan got out his checkbook and handed David a blank check.  Whatever David needed – material goods, emotional support, a listening ear, an ally in the palace – whatever David required Jonathan was going to provide.  What an example of an amazing friendship.

So, who are your “whatever friends?”  To whom would you extend a blank check?   Who would do whatever for you? –Dave

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