Shake Some Snow

galatians 6_2_shaking snow

The pictures really tell the entire story.  The one on the top left shows my neighbor’s evergreen tree the morning after we received a foot of snow.  It was simply beautiful – at the time.

The picture on the bottom right is of the same tree two weeks later.  For years I enjoyed looking out my back window at that tree while sipping my morning coffee.  It was the home to a family of cardinals for several seasons.  WAS.  But not anymore.  Sadly, those 12 inches of snow took their toll on the tree’s thin, weak branches.  Those branches were made to hold feather-light cardinal nests, not hundreds of pounds of wet snow.

The sad truth is, I knew this particular snow was heavy – my back reminded me for days after I shoveled my driveway!  And all that I would have needed to do was walk into the back yard and shake the snow from that tree’s branches.  It wouldn’t have taken long.  But, I was tired and frankly, it slipped my mind until I was back inside sipping my warm coffee.

By then, I was too comfortable to get back out there – or I had too many other things I needed to do.  The result?  A bent down, broken tree that will likely not make it in the Spring.  It will likely lose its battle to the heavy burden I was too busy and too comfortable to lift from it.  Gone, too, will be my family of cardinals.

Hopefully the application is clear.  Friends, all around us are people struggling under the weight of burdens too heavy for them to carry alone.  They need us to walk into their worlds and “shake some snow” from their shoulders.  In doing so, not only will we help a fellow human being, but we’ll fulfill the law of Christ!

Do you know someone struggling under extraordinary burdens?  Go shake some snow!  –Dave

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2)

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