Hear and Obey, or Ignore and Pay

Exodus 9_Fearing Leads to Hearing

Yesterday, we looked at God’s purpose behind the plagues against Egypt – that He would become known among all mankind.  Today, I’d like to look at an interesting element associated with the seventh plague, the hail.

The plague of hail was unique because it’s the first one where the Egyptians were warned and given a choice which could spare them.  The story is found in Exodus, Chapter 9:

Therefore, at this time tomorrow I will send the worst hailstorm that has ever fallen on Egypt, from the day it was founded till now.  Give an order now to bring your livestock and everything you have in the field to a place of shelter, because the hail will fall on every person and animal that has not been brought in and is still out in the field, and they will die. (vv. 18-19)

Speaking through Moses, God told Pharaoh to give an order to the Egyptians – “Bring your people and your animals inside – OR ELSE!”  The instructions were clear; the outcomes equally clear.  Hear and heed – all is well.  Disregard and disobey – pay the price.

Listen to how the people responded:

Those officials of Pharaoh who feared the word of the Lord hurried to bring their slaves and their livestock inside. But those who ignored the word of the Lord left their slaves and livestock in the field. (vv. 20-21).

Here we see the distinguishing factor behind the peoples’ choices – either they feared the Lord and obeyed.  Or they ignored the word of the Lord, a phrase that literally means “placed not into its place.”  They gave God’s word no place in their lives.  And aren’t those the two options available to everyone today as well?  We either hear God’s word and obey, or we give His word no place in our lives and suffer.

What are you doing with God’s Word?  Do you hear and obey?  Or ignore and pay? –Dave

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