Be Brave

2 Timothy 1_7_Be Brave

From the looks of it, nearly each of the 18,972 seats was filled.  On stage were many of Christian music’s biggest names.  The Winter Jam concert is a 5- to 7-hour ordeal, and for the first time, Amanda wanted to attend.

For those who don’t know, Amanda’s neurological system makes her VERY sensitive to loud noises and chaotic crowds.  A dozen family members in one house used to be too much for her.  So when she wanted to go to THIS concert, I was apprehensive.  Having attended Winter Jam previously, I feared she was underestimating how overwhelming the event would be.

However, her response to my concerns convinced me we had to try.  Here were her well thought out words:

I know it will be overwhelming, Dad – but I want to be brave.  I’m tired of being afraid.

Enough said.  To tell you the truth, I was a bit afraid too – for her, for my wife, for myself.  But if she was willing to face 5+ hours of nearly 19,000 screaming fans, then how could I say no?  So we gathered our ear plugs, said our prayers, and made arrangements to have two vehicles at the venue “just in case.”  But just in case never came.  For the next 5 hours I watched a young woman simply enjoy her favorite artists singing some of her favorite songs.  For her bravery, she was even invited backstage to meet Hollyn, one of the performers!

Friends, we never envisioned this day.  We never thought Amanda would WANT to do such a thing; and we never thought she could DO such a thing.  But she did!  And it happened because Amanda trusted God to help her be brave in the face of her fears.  Do I write to boast about Amanda?  Yes, at least a little bit!  But, I also boast about our God who helps us be brave.  As Paul wrote to Timothy, God has given us a Spirit of boldness and power, not fear (2 Timothy 1:7).

God’s Spirit gives you want you need to face your fears – so be brave!  –Dave

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

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