Mark 6_31_Recreation

He said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31)

It’s time for a little honesty.  During my recent illness I did more than watch Dr. David Jeremiah on TV.  While I did catch his sermon on unanswered prayers (which turned into a week’s worth of devotions), I also discovered something called The Justice Network.

I was fascinated by the programming – most of which centered around the solving of real crimes.  Grisly crimes.  Horrific crimes.  While I loved watching the good guys use the latest in forensic science to capture and convict the bad guys, I was also troubled by the imagery.  What I was taking in through my eyes was not feeding my soul or helping my body recover.  It was neither quieting to my soul, nor restful to my mind.

How much better it would have been for me to adhere to Christ’s instruction above to go to a quiet place and rest.  “Rest” in this verse comes from a Greek word that literally means, “to experience rest after the needed task is completed; to pause after precious toil and care.”  The same word was used to describe the intermission during a performance of some type – that time when everyone stands up, stretches, grabs a snack, and uses the restroom.  When the intermission is over, everyone is ready to carry on with the next act.

It’s interesting to me that much of our recreation today is a far cry from what the word originally meant.  Recreation comes from the Latin, recreātiō, meaning “spiritual refreshment or new birth.”  It was literally to be a time of re-creation.  But the reality is some recreational activities don’t refresh us, they just exhaust us – mentally, physically, relationally, or spiritually.

Give some thought to how you spend your “down time.”  Are your times of recreation truly re-creating your inner man? –Dave

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