Friendships over Friends?

Mark 5_19_Friendships over Friends

The statement was equally bold and true.  Of the many wonderful things about the Casting Crowns concert my family attended, it was a comment made by lead man, Mark Hall, which stuck with me in the days that followed.

As Hall introduced their song, “One Awkward Moment,” he shared the song’s back-story.  He explained that when teaching his youth group about the necessity of sharing the gospel with their peers, they pushed back citing the age-old fear of offending their friends and potentially pushing them away.

Hall understood because he too had wrestled with that same fear for years.  But after much thought, he came to this profound realization:

I loved my friendships more than I loved my friends.

Wow.  You could have heard a pin drop as the audience considered his words.  I fear he’s right.  It’s as if our need for their friendship is greater than our friend’s need to hear and accept the gospel!  Hall’s challenge?  Risk one awkward moment with that friend instead.

A real friend will appreciate your concern for their heart, soul, and eternity.  They may not fully understand, and they may not respond immediately, but as they reflect upon that awkward moment (and they will), they most likely will respect you more for caring enough to share the truth with them.  After all, what friend keeps their very best news from those they love?

Give it some serious thought – do you love your friendships more than your friends?  –Dave

Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you. (Mark 5:19)

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