The 3Ps

Romans 6_7_The 3Ps

Far from being a faith of the spiritually superior, at its heart, Christianity is a rescue religion – the proclamation that there is hope and forgiveness for the lost and broken.  Through Jesus, Christianity offers victory (current and future) over the enemy of our soul – sin.

By His grace, the follower of Christ is now rescued from the POWER of sin (Romans 6:7).  This doesn’t mean the battle with sin is over, only that sin now has a real opponent in our lives – God’s Spirit.  We now have the ability to say “no” to sin – we’ll occasionally slip, but sin no longer goes unopposed in our lives!

Secondly, Christ rescues us from the PENALTY of sin (Romans 3:24).  Thankfully, Jesus took upon Himself all sins’ penalty as He hung upon that cross.  The price has been paid in full, our penalty has been removed.

Lastly, for the follower of Jesus, Christianity also one day rescues us from the PRESENCE of sin (Habakkuk 1:13; 1 John 3:2).  Once we leave this fallen world behind and enter the pearly gates of heaven, we will forever be removed from the presence of sin.  Sin will not, cannot, exist in the presence of our God, so when we kiss this world goodbye, we will also say our final farewells to sin.  Finally, we’ll be able to exhale, knowing our battle with sin is over!

What does faith in Christ save us from?  Sin’s POWER, PENALTY, and PRESENCE – that’s the good news of our faith.  Celebrate those truths – then share them with someone who needs to hear! –Dave

For when we died with Christ we were set free from the power of sin. (Romans 6:7, NLT

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