Psalm 88_Unresolved

Recently I stumbled upon a list of “The 35 Movies with the Saddest Endings” – I had seen exactly ZERO of them!   There could be many explanations for my unfamiliarity with the list (I hadn’t even heard of most of them); but, the biggest reason is this – I just love happy endings!

I want the shows I watch to be entertaining and rewarding.  I like every story line neatly wrapped up by movie’s end, and for the main characters to enjoy a nice ride into the sunset!  (Real life is stressful and disappointing enough, I want a break from reality in my entertainment!)

So it’s not too surprising therefore, when I got to the end of Psalm 88 and felt uneasy and disappointed.  The Psalmist opened the chapter by stating he cried out to God night and day, begging to be heard (88:1-2).  Beginning in Verse 3, the writer listed trouble after trouble that had come his way.  Troubles which God allowed and seemed to ignore.  Things were so bad the writer felt God was rejecting him and hiding His face (v. 14).

With only 4 verses left in the chapter, I wondered how God and the writer would resolve all those woes.  The answer?  They didn’t.  Not a single complaint the writer brought to God was removed or resolved.  In fact, the chapter ends with this:

You have taken from me friend and neighbor— darkness is my closest friend (v. 18).

I frantically turned the page hoping Psalm 89 picked up where 88 left off – perhaps things would be made right in “the sequel.”  But Psalm 89 was written by a different man about a different topic.

Here’s my point today.  Sometimes our situations don’t get better.  Sometimes Old Yeller dies.  What do we do in, and with, such times?  Is God still good even when the situation is not?

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1 Response to Unresolved

  1. Charlie says:

    When I was younger, I used to wonder why God was silent. Now that I have persisted in that walk, the answers and explanations were generally there – I just didn’t have much of a grasp of what the Lord had ALREADY said! Further, Job asked LOTS of questions and when the Lord answered, NONE of Job’s questions were answered.

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