Undeniable Comfort

Job 6_10_Undenying Comfort

God called Job “righteous and upright” with good reason (Job 1:1).  Even after Satan took nearly everything from him (his children, livestock, wealth, and health), we hear these words proceed from Job’s lips:

This would be my comfort; I would even exult in pain unsparing, for I have not denied the words of the Holy One. (Job 6:10, ESV)

In the midst of his tremendous suffering, Job realized he could find consolation and comfort in at least one thing – his faithfulness to God.  Nothing he could do would bring back what he’d lost; what was done was done.  However, Job realized that he could actually make things worse by turning his back on God.

Denying God would add further pain, and Job knew it.  So he determined to stay true to what he knew to be true.  Even though he didn’t understand God’s hand, he continued to trust God’s heart for him.  And that faith brought comfort during the most painful of days.

But Job’s faith didn’t bring mere comfort, it gave him reason to “exult” during the unceasing pain.  The original Hebrew word means “to spring” and some translations actually say Job found reasons to “leap for joy,” even as he sat in ashes mourning.

Oh the temptation Job must have felt to turn his back on God as he bemoaned his horrible circumstances.  Who among us could blame him if he had?  Yet clinging to faith during the hardest times may become our greatest comfort.

Facing unbearable times?  Take comfort in remaining anchored to your Lord. –Dave

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