The God of Hope

Romans 15_13_The God of Hope

For 1524 miles last month I looked at it in the rearview mirror of our van.  The window decal read, “Hope for the Daily Journey – The Teachable Heart.”  At times it felt so hypocritical; at best it was false advertising. You see, there are many times I lack hope myself – so, how in the world can I extend what I don’t have to others?

It was during that same trip that I came to Romans 15 during my quiet time.  There I read this message about hope:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (15:13)

I’d love to overflow with hope – I bet you  would too.  Yet most days, I’d settle for having just a small trickle of it in my own life, let alone have enough to spill out for others!  But, let’s see if we can change that!

There are a few things to note within this verse.  First, the source of hope is God – not us!  Phew – what a relief, because try as I may, I just can’t muster it up very often!  This verse clearly says that it is God who fills us with hope – that’s HIS job.  God fills us with hope, and God (through the Holy Spirit) causes that hope to overflow to others!

Sandwiched in between the filling and the overflowing which God provides is our job – to TRUST Him.  That’s it.  We don’t add wishful thinking.  We don’t conjure up a positive attitude.  We don’t devise clever schemes and pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.  All those things are attempts to find hope in ourselves.  God, however, says our hope is found in trusting Him.

There is more to say about this topic, but today’s take home reminder is this:  God is the source of hope; our role is to trust Him!

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